A climb to the Cold Mountain in Kamnik Alps

Hiking is for shure one of the best ways to experience the beautiful mountain landscape. 

Mrzla Gora (Cold Mountain) (2203 m), a summit of the central group, to the North of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps range is a remarkable mountain and paradise for true rock climbers. Mrzla gora still has the reputation of being a difficultly accessible mountain. The path along the west ridge is secured, but only scarcely in the summital part. No room for mistakes. We managed to the top. Then, we went for Rinkas – four summits related by a circling ridge above a crater-like basin, walls and ridges dropping in all directions. The plan was to reach Kranjska Rinka (2453 m), the highest of the four, along a reasonably demanding marked and mostly secured path. Eastern wall was nothing but pure pleasure. However, when we reached the north face conditions changed. Fresh, unstable snow, getting deeper as we climbed further. Once we reached an exposed, inclined, smooth and unsecured rock covered with 20 cm of fresh snow, we knew we had to give up and turn back, having no winter equipment. See you next time, Rinkas:) 

We are all grateful for a wonderful day with good weather conditions and gorgeous views of landscape in Kamnik Alps. 

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