ART PARK project

Held in Zagreb, a place already saturated with various art initiatives implemented by PIMP MY PUMP crew and Lapo Lapo street art studio. 

This time they picked an old and well known rusty park located in the city center, along the old town city walls. They saw the potential and organized various activities in order to revitalize it. Thanks to these guys, the park will from now on provide great setting for outdoor activities and creative workshops.

The public gathering and final event was held this saturday. The program was padded out with creative workshops, entertainment, table tennis tournament and the sounds of an old vinyl thanks to our DJs Agregat Sun and Mario Kunštek . 

The whole thing made a strong impact on local community and we all hope to see their upcoming projects.

The park is for public use so feel free to come and enjoy it´s new look 


Enjoy the video:

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