Going International Forum 2016, Tallinn

I was given a chance to take part in Going International forum in Tallinn 2016 (22-25.5.2016). This forum made a very strong impact on my personal and professional development.

It was an international forum on the opportunities and possibilities of strategically enhancing youth work with a European/international dimension. The ‘Going International Forum’ brought together both newcomers and those with experience in international youth work and non-formal education to inspire each other, to discover the possibilities and benefits of international youth work and to foster strategic partnerships and long-term co-operation projects.

The forum gathered participants from different European countries representing various range of youth work and non-formal education environments through their work in different organizations and institutions.

I had a chance to meet amazing people, listen to their stories and share experience with them. This forum gave me so much inspiration and motivation to continue with my international youth work and the mobility projects Youth center Activate yourself is implementing. 

A big thank you to all who were involved in making ”Going International” forum happen and I really hope we will all see it on future training calendar with even wider impact and number of participants.

Thanks to Estonian as well as other National Agencies, great facilitators Max FrasMarCus Sultan VrecerMarco Santos and the whole team who made a wonderful job regarding logistics, working methodology and practical things.

Hope to see you all in future and keep on going international;) Alan Maleković

The forum was founded by Erasmus+ programme.

MarCus Sultan Vrecer "When you look at international youth work, the place where the cooperation usually fails is communication." ‪#‎giftallinn‬ ‪#‎giftallinn_quotes‬

posted on: 28.05.2016 by Alan Malekovic