TCA training Beyond and above

We are very thankful for the chance to take part in the peer learning seminar Beyond and above which took place on Malta and its beautiful and stunning landscapes. The Malta National agency EUPA Malta, facilitators and all associates involved in the organization made an amazing job. The well structured seminar gathered 30 participants from different European countries in order to focus on youth work, innovative approaches, exchange of working methodologies and share of experience and good practice in everyday work with young people. We had a chance to share our experience and make good connections with youthworkers from different backgrounds who are actively involved into the youth work through different organisations, NGOs as well as public institutions. 

Nowadays all of us need to work on adding more value to youth work and non-formal education because it is facing many issues and challenges. It needs to be employed and recognized as a powerful tool that can ensure smoother transfer of young people to adulthood and the world of work. 

In our opinion the seminar has achieved its purpose through strong networking, brain storming and partnerships for further mobility projects.

We believe that all of us have to transfer good practices of non formal education in formal education and let the youth work become a recognized and value added tool for cross-sectoral cooperation and for empowering young people's personal, social and professional development.

Thanks to everyone who helped and contributed in making this seminar happen as well as Agencija za mobilnost i programe Europske unije

Keep on the youth work and let’s make more new opportunities for young people

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